A whole new zombie experience

This September, a brand new experience debuts, Zombie Train: Evacuation, on three different rail lines–the Sacramento RiverTrain, the Sierra DinnerTrain, and the Skunk Train. 

The infection has spread, cities are in ruin, ammunition is scarce, and we are losing. The last remaining have taken to the rails as their only means of escape. 

From September 25 to November 8, the Zombie Train will be evacuating its riders on a quest for safety. On these 40-minute excursions, however, safety may be hard to find with zombie encounters on and off the train.

$35 for adults and $25 for children ages 2-12, this experience is family friendly–just be sure to use discretion when deciding if your child is up for a spooky time. Plus, there are a limited number of tickets available to be part of the action with your very own zombie makeover.

Zombie Train: Evacuation is completely reimagined. We’ve hung up the guns, expanded our locations, and brought in what everyone has been asking for—more zombies. 

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